Exposing Tour Companies that STEAL copywritten material-Experience-First-Tours

    Dara.Mihaly stole my material

    On October 31, 2022 Dara Mihaly, General (mis)Mananger of ExperienceFirst Tours came on the Haunted Haight in person and then stole all of our copywritten material and proceeds to post a new tour based on my works and even named it Haunted Haight with ExperienceFirst TOURS that is based on all of the research and paranormal investigations that we conducted years ago to present. Are you kidding me? I since sent a cease and desist letter to her and the company to remove my copywritten information. It is so unethical as a tour operater and so called blogger to do this. How does she sleep at night? You can see on Dara Mihaly resume that says she creates and develops tours. How is that? You come on a tour and steal the material of other tours. They even charge double the money for the tour.  Don't be fooled by this charlatan. No ethics or consideration for created materials. See you in court if this tour is not removed!  Totally discusting of you Dara Mihaly. Here is the link to the FAKE TOURhttps://www.exp1.com/san-francisco-tours/haunted-haight-ashbury-walking-tour/

    The cost is $39 for the FAKE Tour.  My tour the REAL tour is only $22. 



    James Fields says (May 24, 2023):

    wow. I can't believe she just stole your materials. That's nerve. WOW. Terrible.

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