Happy Halloween Everyone! Happy Ghost Hunting Tours

    What an amazing Halloween. I have not written in a while. Covid 19 was so hard but things seem a bit better so I decided to make this blog public. I wanted to share it with the world.  We are redesigning the whole website and hopefully this blog will launch on it when we are done with all the design and coding.  I have introduced so much more high tech equipment on our San Francisco Ghost Hunting Tour in the Haight. I was sold out every night. The last Halloween in 2020 we were only allowed 12 people total per night. It was so wonderful seeing everyone and letting them ghost hunt properly and safely with an authentic paranormal investigator. I look forward to more fun and real paranormal evidence. I have solved a mystery on one of the stops and so excited to tell people the discoveries. Come on the tour folks, we'd love to have you. 



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