• San Francisco Ghost Society WINS BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO!

    Wow! Being a San Francisco Ghost Hunter can have its moments. There is a lot of hard work and dedication to running a paranormal organization and doing a ghost hunting walking tour. We are really doing a lot of paranormal cases these days and I must say it has been exciting. I think being a professionally licensed tour guide and paranormal investigator does have it's spine-tingling and spooky chilling moments. You will see that a lot of it is --pardon the pun--dead ends and no activity. So, when someone honors us or tells us we are doing a great job, we can't help but smile.  Thank you Keith Bowers for seeing the hard work we do. Thank you to my team who makes all this worth doing. Here is the article from The SF Weekly. CLICK HERE. 

    If interested in taking a ghost hunt in the Haight-Ashbury. We'd love to have you. BOOK HERE


    I was happy to see that they did an article about the tour. I wish they would have talked a bit more about the ghost hunting tools we used but I am not going to complain about free press. It has been exciting investigating all these cases of ghosts and more and more are coming in. I think I may need more volunteers to handle the many San Francisco ghost hunts we have been up to.  Please read the article by clicking here. If you'd like to come on The Haunted Haight Walking Tour we would love to show you all those ghost tools and do some San Francisco Ghost Hunting.