• Why You Need To Do A Ghost Tour Investigation These Days?

    I really appreciate all the San Francisco Ghost Tours that we now have in the city. The SF Ghost Hunt Walkng Tour was the first Ghost Tales Walking Tour here, it is a fun and entertaining tour. It opened in the 1990's. Our tour the Haunted Haight Walking Tour was the second tour in San Francisco. However, we were the first to ghost hunt with real ghost huntin g tools used by professional ghost hunters. We opened in 2004. 

     If we didn't have space or a tour date available,  we would advise people to to try the other tours. Back then we worked together to promote SF Ghost Tours. We always felt that there were enough tourists and guests for everyone to get some business and recommend the other tours. San Francisco is a small city and word gets around. 

     Fast forward to 2021 and that is just not the case anymore. 

    I started noticing other tours making damaging and outrageous claims about being the "ONLY REAL GHOST TOUR" and the "ORIGINAL GHOST HUNTING TOUR."  I was shocked to read that a fellow San Francisco Ghost Tour would think it was okay to slander and insult all of the ghost tours in San Francisco. The nerve to make such untrue claims. I have spent 20+ years researching and contributing to the acceptance of the supernatural.

    How dare you say this and try to discredit my life's work, Are you that greedy for bodies on your tour to risk a slander suit?

    I was not expecting this since they came on my ghost tour and learned about ghost hunting tools and how to use them from us!  Then they proceeded to post all my copyrighted tales on their own blog and never mentioned my tour if you were in the Haight. I of course contacted them right away and had them remove my copyrighted materials from their blog.

    I even asked them, "Why would you publish all my stories?" I got no answer. It was a clear intention to take business off my web traffic and direct it to their tour.  I was hurt and disappointed that this is what San Francisco small businesses were doing now...acting like corporate giants competing with each other. 

    I noticed another new tour not only publish one of my stories they even used my name as a source, when they never interviewed me and just pulled the story off my website video. This tour isn't even a local tour. It is national company doing ghost tours in several major cities.

    They claim even to be the #1 RATED Ghost Tour and if you look at Google, they pay for a bunch of ads and are actually the least favorably rated out of all the ghost tours in San Francisco. You even have to rent ghost gear. Um, I'll bring my own, but thanks. The only thing I could do to make sure the truth got out there was to revamp my website telling the truth. I had to make my private blog now public. I had to now offer tours on TripAdvisor's Viator when I was perfectly happy doing my own bookings. They dominate the web and if you don't use them they have these "BEST TOURS ADS" and it is only tours that work with them.  This is business in 2020's.  As a consumer, don't be fooled. Do your research on ghost tours. Look at the people hosting and running them. 

    The internet allows you to say anything you want on the web. Notice the tag lines of San Francisco ghost tours these days. You will see, "#1 Rated Ghost Tour," "Best Ghost Tour," "Only Real Ghost Tour."  Don't even get me started on how these internet giants make us troll for rating even if they are fake. Look at who is rating and how many other things have they rated.  Don't believe everything you see on the Internet at face vaIue. You will see the truth. It is just crazy what misinformation and bold lies that the internet breeds. 

    I can only believe and hope that people don't take any ghost tour claims and actually do a little research on your next Ghost Hunting Tour in San Francisco. It is one of the reasons I use  Authentic San Francisco Ghost Hunting Tour." I tell people, Google my name Tommy Netzband and then Google the other so called "Only REAL Ghost Tour" tour guide's names and see how much they have contributed to the paranormal field. I think you will see for yourself. Enough is Enough. 

    I don't understand why ghost tours have to do all this? Why do we have to be the Coke and Pepsi of Ghost Tours. I can only suspect more ghost tours are coming. I never got into this tour to make a ton a money, I am a paranormal organization that does ghost tours. These ghost tours revenues help me investigate claims of the paranormal in San Francisco for FREE. 

     I am not a tour company that does all kinds of tours and then decided the only one that was popular was the ghost tour so now I am going to be the ONLY REAL ghost tour. It's shameful and not necessary. I feel tours should promote each other. I have lived in San Francisco for almost three decades. I have shared booths at festivals with other tours in the past, linked each other and sent them business. Nowadays, you have to be careful. You open your tour and it turns out to be copycatted. I have to say, I miss the old days of Ghost Tours where we worked together. They can be Coke and Pepsi and we are going to be a SF Ghost Hunter who continues to  do professional and awesome San Francisco Haunted Ghost Hunting Tours.  I am known as the "Ghost Guy" and there is a reason for that. Do your research, please. 

  • What Puts The Haunt In The Haunted Haight SF San Francisco Ghost Hunting Tour?

    There are certianly older parts of the city than the Haight-Ashbury. It was not part of the Gold rRush of 1849. Part of the underdeveloped Western part of the city, it was a place that you would bury your dead. It once had many cemeteries but they were removed due to the city wanting to expand.  The Haight-Ashbury district started as a middle class neighborhood around 1890.  Golden gate park was commisioned in 1870 and within 20 years it was a huge success for San Francisco. People wanted a more quiet place to raise their children away from the busier parts of the city. 

    Access to Golden Gate Park allowed homes to start being built in this part of the city once thought of as "too cold to inhabit." This once called "Wastelands" was now becoming quite popular as a sort of suburbia area of San Francisco.  The area grew and certianly had its share of tragedies.  Later, by the 1960's it became a place of love and peace for the hippy generation and had it's share of famous rock stars like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and bands like Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead. 

    The "Summer of Love" was a wonderful idea but there was a sinister side to that time too. Drugs played a key role in a lot of the tragedy that took place there at the time. The area had way too many runaways looking for a part in the incredible era. The neighborhood could not substain all those new people and several ened up on the streets and were murdered, committed suicide or overdosed. 

    The 1970's was a time people referred to the area as "The HATE." I have uncovered countless articles of murders, suicides and overdoses there.  These intense energies have lingered in the Haight and several ghost stories have developed because of them.  We hope you may consider joining us on of our Haunted SF San Francisco tours here in The Haunted Haight Walking Tour. We would love to spend the evening with you on your very own San Francisco SF Ghost Hunting Excursion Adventure Tour!